Tier 3

As you know fife has now been designated tier 3 from 6am on Friday 13th of November. To comply with Scottish government guidelines, we would advise that travel should be restricted as far as possible. In that regard, guests to our restaurant should only be from the fife region during this period. We regret that this situation exists but hopefully we can see a reduction in the number of positive cases in the region which will allow us to return to a low tier in the near future when these travel restrictions would not be required.

We will be serving a brunch menu from 8am to 11:30am and our Adamson lunch and main menu until 6pm daily.

You will still, however, be able to order your Adamson favourites through ecoeats until 9:30pm

From Friday we are no longer allowed to serve alcohol inside of the Adamson or outside in the Adamson TerraceĀ 

We would also like to take a moment to thank all of our guests for being so understanding with us and for all of the kind comments we have received over the last couple of weeks, it is so appreciated and we can not wait to see you all soon