For the Squid

Clean squid in cold water. Cut in half length ways. Score inside diagonally with a sharp knife.

Cut into 1-inch pieces & season with salt and plain flour. To cook the squid place scored side down in a hot pan with a little vegetable oil. This will only take 30 seconds each side, so do this closer to the time of plating and finish with the fresh lime juice

For the black olive crumble

Place all ingredients in a thermomixer and puree until a thick consistency has been reached

Spread the mixture on to a Silpat mat and place in dehydrator for 48 hours at 50 degrees

Once cold, blitz again in thermomixer until you have a crumble like consistency. Set to one side.

For the dried cherry tomatoes 

Take all ingredients, gently mix in a bowl. Once fully incorporated arrange cut side up on a tray and cook in the oven 160 degrees for 8 minutes. While hot, place in dehydrator for 6 hours.

For the chorizo

Slice chorizo using a meat slicer (1-2mm thickness). Quickly make a vinaigrette using the balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, brush the chorizo with the vinaigrette and leave somewhere warm to take on the flavour.

For the sauce

Heat the red wine sauce. Once boiling whisk in extra virgin olive oil until fully emulsified.

For the tomato concasse score the plum tomatoes with a cross and remove the eye of the tomato with a turning knife. Place tomatoes in rapid boiling water until the skin blisters. Then plunge into cold ice water for 5 minutes. To finish quarter tomatoes length ways and remove all the seeds with the flesh cut into desired shape (squares/diamonds are most common).

For the garnish

Dress plate with micro basil